1. Why choose Nueva Plast?
Nueva Plast is a professional and experienced team of experts qualified in manufacturing all kinds of injection and blow moulds from China. Excellent quality, competitive pricing and on-time delivery are the key factor responsible for increasing client base every year which made us a trusted mould supplier in the mould industry.

2. What type of moulds Nueva Plast manufacture?
We make all types of injection moulds including Household, Baby products, Furniture products, Industrial, automobile parts and Customized Moulds.

3. Which steel do you use?
We use steel depending upon customer’s requirement.
Cavity/Core Material: P20, 718H, H13, NAK80, 2316, 2738, 2344
Base: LKM standard, HASCO, JLS, DEM

4. What type of runner you provide?
Depending on the mould structure we give options to customer.
For Hot runner we generally use China Brand. Upon request we use YUDO, HASCO hot runner.

5. How long it takes to manufacture moulds?
Approximately 1-3 months. Mould manufacturing time depends on the size, structure and complexity of the mould. These details are discussed in advance.

6. What are the payment terms?
Our payment term is 50% advance by T/T and balance 50% by T/T before we dispatch the moulds.
We also offer flexible payment plan upon request. To know flexi payment plan detail email us at

7. What's the guarantee of the mould?
The guarantee is for the shots and it depends on the steel material and different heat treatment you choose for your mould requirement.

8. Where do you export moulds?
We supply moulds in South America, Africa, Europe and Asian countries.
Every year we work hard to optimize our service and quality to gain more and more clients and we positively look forward to make moulds for you.

9. How to place order and what is the process?
We have a complete management system from order confirmation to shipment. Once the project is confirmed, by both the parties proforma invoice will be shared for the advance payment.

• Upon receipt of advance payment confirmation, we will send 3D Product design followed by 3D mould design for customer approval.
• After customer approve the mould drawing, we will start constructing the mould. As we progress, we will provide timely update by sharing mould construction photos and videos for customers review.
• Once the first testing is conducted, we will share the mould testing videos, photos and will courier physical samples for final approval.
• Once customer approve the samples, mould is packed and shipped against balance payment.

10. Do you send spare parts with the moulds?
Yes, we supply spare parts with the moulds and we also supply extra spare parts as per customer request.

11. What type of packing you use for the moulds?
We take all the precaution while packing the mould and we use wooden case for packaging.

12. What documents will you provide once the mould is shipped?
We courier the documents a week later the shipment of mould.
We provide Bill of lading, Commercial invoice, packing list and Certificate of Origin if required.

Any more questions, Feedback or Suggestion email us at

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